An Introduction To HDR Photography


What is HDR Photography?

HDR Photography is known as High Dynamic Range Photography, which is a post-processing task after capturing the images. It is the process of editing a single picture or combining the series of pictures and adjusting the several things like contrast, other things which are virtually impossible to do in a single aperture and the shutter speed. An HDR image is commonly made by taking the three images of the same scene but at different shutter speeds. The result of the three images may be bright, dark or dull based on the light that is captured through the lens.

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What Kind Of Camera Do You Need To Take HDR Photos?

When it comes to the HDR photography, the hardware doesn’t matter. Its all about the software process that you are going to do with the captured images.

What is HDR Image?

High Dynamic Ranging Imaging is a technique used in the field of photography to reproduce the image with the greater dynamic range of luminosity which is impossible to achieve by using the camera. Thus HDR deals with the processing of the images after capturing them.

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What is HDR in Phone?

Nowadays HDR comes as a normal setting in the Android phones, iPhones which by using which you can capture the images with high detail, that is the HDR will enhance your photo by capturing the image very detailed in bright and dark areas.

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When it comes to photography there are lots of advanced things that you should learn to become a professional. But as a starter, you can learn many things by repeated practice and. experimentation. Initially, as a beginner, you can try taking pictures of all the things around you. As a beginner, you should learn to use the natural lightings in favor of you. In the case of indoor photography learn to use the artificial lightings to capture the best pictures and also try different angles to capture the snaps. You can even use the tripod to capture the images from different angles, To become a professional in the field of Photography you should practice it with passion rather than the profession.


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